Tuesday, 10 October 2017

I'd probably be a Space Drub...

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'Hello and welcome to Oola's Intergalactic Tuneship, Eerie.

My name is Trisha and today, I am going to talk about my dystopian science fiction story blog, Zoology.
I thought it would be interesting to look at the social structure of the Five Galaxies where the story is set with, hopefully, no spoilers!

So, Zoology is based in the distant future, long after we ran out of food on Earth and moved off-world into other galaxies in search of new resources. By the time we we meet up with the crew of the Saturn Anne II, there are Five Galaxies overrun by us humans. These are overseen by the all-powerful Corporations who control the food supply and are in constant competition with each other. As the byline says, in the future, food is the new gold...
I am going to look two sections of this society; the Space Drubs and the Journey Workers.

I'd probably be a Space Drub...
In the Five Galaxies, a lot of everyday tasks are either automated or done by robots and computers so low skilled Corporation jobs are hard to come by. Plus, you need to have an inter-galaxy permit and a clean space-rad level to work for one of the big Corporations and those things are not cheap to buy. So there is a vast population, an underclass, of Space Drubs. People who drift in and out of temporary low paying and often illegal work, scratching a living from the underbelly of the Five Galaxies. Caught up in gambling, fighting, often sleeping rough or working on the gruelling freight shuttles, life doesn't seem so great but there is an upside to being a space drub. Freedom! Free from the control of the Corporations. If you are a Space Drub you are free to live your life on your own terms, across the Five Galaxies. Like the old proverb says, 'You can't sue a Space Drub.' which basically means, if you have nothing, no one can take it away from you.

So how do you get to be a Space Drub? 
There are three main ways.

First, you are born into a space drub family. Second you are left on the streets as an orphan and third, you lose your nice Corporation journey worker job and your inter galaxy permit with it... It won't be long before you can't pay for your apartment or your food and you are pulling three month freight runs with your space-rad level through the roof, you'll soon be gambling your last scad to get by.

But I wouldn't want to be a Journey Worker...
The next largest population sector across the Five Galaxies are the journey workers. This covers anyone working for one of the large Corporations. They are skilled and semi skilled workers who keep the corporate wheels turning and live lives of relative security as long as they work without complaint and toe the line. All journey workers are either directly or indirectly employed by the Corporations, whether a scientist on an exploration mission, a DJ on a DEMI sounder station playing old drub sounder songs or a tech hiker ripping the latest software for Dine-a-Luck customers. All are in the grip of the Corporations.
A journey worker will be educated, housed, have access to health care and receive a small pension once no longer fit to work and, in return, they will dedicate their lives to the Corporations. Life is a journey, work is the destination.

So how do you escape being a journey worker or a space drub? Money. Lots of it and because the Corporations control the flow of money through out the Five Galaxies, chances are, if you are a Space Drub or Journey Worker, that is what you will always be...

Next time I'll be looking at two other sections of Zoology society, the Super Rich and the Corporations.'

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