Monday, 23 October 2017

Being Super Rich would be Super Cool...

'Hello and welcome back to Oola's Intergalactic Tuneship, Eerie.

My name is Trisha and today, I am talking about two more sections of society within my dystopian science fiction story blog, Zoology; the Super Rich and the Corporations.

Being Super Rich would be Super Cool...
In my last podcast I talked about the two largest sections of society the Space Drubs and the Journey Workers. Think of the shape of a pyramid, in four layers. This represents the population of the Five Galaxies. The base layer is at least a third of the pyramid and those are the Space Drubs. The second layer, the largest section, reaching nearly to the top are the Journey Workers. The apex of the pyramid are the Corporations and the thin slice between the Corporations and the Journey Workers are the Super Rich.
There aren't that many of these scadillionaires and their wealth cushions them from the harsh realities of life in the Five Galaxies. Many are entrepreneurs who have built technology for mass entertainment or space exploration, or maybe sold a food chain, mining claim or a small world to a Corporation. A few are heirs to family fortunes stretching back to the First Galaxy. All live lives of luxury in enclaves scattered throughout the Five Galaxies.
So, once you've made your scadillions and have become Super Rich would it be a life of super cool fun? Probably not. To keep your scadillions you are going to have to work, invest, reinvent and keep the Corporations and other Super Rich from buying you out or merging your assets... not to mention the risk of kidnap, extortion and violence from all other sectors of society, including the Corporations.
You might have a one of a kind space yacht with wormhole technology, you might have a maglev Hypersleek Saloon and a condominium in the foothills but no one, absolutely no one has your back. All you can hope is you have made enough scads to pay to keep you alive long enough to enjoy them.

The Corporations are in Control...
At the very top of society in the Five Galaxies are the Corporations. They control the food chain and as such, wield all the power. There would be no Five Galaxies without them. Their extraordinary assets and resources have made life beyond the First Galaxy a reality. They are the end product of mankind's very first foray into space from the first planet, Earth. Their structures and internal organisations are secretive and all-encompassing. Life throughout the Five Galaxies depends on the food they find, grow, process and supply. Whether it's EggsALaBread or Kraken Fire you are consuming, it's only because a Corporation has supplied it for you.
Your scad is their scad. Whether you earned it in an illegal Space Drub gambling den, or overtime Journey Working weekends, by sitting on a Board of Directors or simply inherited it, it was only ever yours because a Corporation decided this is how life in the Five Galaxies will be.
And who is in control within the Corporations? Now that would be a spoiler so I'll end this podcast here.

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