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Zoology ~ Episode Twenty One

(All rights reserved. All characters and events are fictitious, any resemblance to reality is purely coincidental.) 

Twenty One

The Dark Energy Message Impelling Service Extranet had quite literally spelt the demise for all other major satellite messaging relays across the Five Galaxies and made inter-galaxy communication a reality. Called DEMI for short, nearly all of the Five Galaxies messaging and news broadcasting travelled along its chain of galaxy-encircling, interlocking rings of dark matter tubes, empty of everything except dark energy. The energy, free of any other force, travels at ferocious FTL speeds, taking any packet of radio signals broadcast into it along with it. Kainya's message to Edwear had travelled through this hyperloop from Sayonara Space Port in Galaxy Three to Yum Yum City in Galaxy One with barely any time delay between it and the return location ping with the advert trackerbot for The Rink.

As the pressure curtain falls on the dock, the Scintilla hovers, ion-engine fuelling the dark energy lasers enough for them to fire up and then, as the wormhole envelope forms, the ship jumps from Saynonara to Yum Yum in the blink of an eye.

The Scintilla hovers over the roof of The Rink, ion-engines discreetly set at an idle. Inside the rink, no-one notices the slightly elevated static electricity in the air. All eyes are on the floor show as Zombie Turns Two orchestrate a frenzied dance troupe through fountains of what looks like molten lava issuing from great cauldrons suspended mid-air. The atmosphere is already electric, a little more passes unnoticed. Kainya modulates the dark energy lasers to evaporate a large hole in the roof of the building below. At first the crowd thinks it is simply part of the floor show as the sleek belly of the space yacht appears and the floor show continues, even as Kainya starts to rappel down a buoy tether towards one of the cauldrons.

From their table Scint stares in indignation at this new part of the act. The ship looks remarkably like her own and she was assured when she bought it, it was one of a kind. As more of the roof starts to wrinkle and thin into nothingness, the name appears on the side. 'The Scintilla!' Scint yells, pointing at the roof. 'That's my ship!'
Mentor stares at Scint Bourbon in surprise. 'Your ship is part of the show?'
'No, my ship is not part of the show... it's being refitted in Sayonara while I holiday here so what in the five galaxies is that woman doing with it!' Scint's voice rises to high pitched scream over the music, managing to cut through Edwear's alcoholic daze to bring him round and open his eyes. All he can focus on, out in mid-air, is the sight of Kainya, suspended from a silver wire, above a cauldron boiling over with molten lava, clearly about to fall in. Adrenalin surges through his brain, and he leaps to his feet. 'Kainya! No!'
Mentor barely has time to react as both Scint and Edwear start to pound on the safety glaze with their fists, trying to get Kainya's attention. The diners at tables nearby decide this is all part of the act and join in and soon the entire rink is reverberating to the pounding of fists on the safety glaze as Zombie Takes Two and their dance troupe continue regardless.

Kainya tries to balance on a rim of a cauldron only to discover it is a very clever hologram and she misses her foot and slips awkwardly on the rope before catching herself again. Around the rink there is an audible intake of breath and the pounding stops as Kainya starts to swing like a pendulum on the buoy tether. Edwear shrieks in anguish and the sound is loud enough to reach Kainya who swings round mid-air searching for him. She spies him at the safety glaze and manages to get the tether to swing near enough for him to reach up and grab the end. Kainya activates the winch from the remote strapped to her wrist and the buoy tether starts to haul them both back up to the ship.
''My ship!' Scint roars and she grabs Edwear by the feet with one hand as he is hoisted overhead and grabbing Mentor with the other, they are all winched at high speed back inside the ship.

Below them, The Rink erupts with applause and more pounding of the safety glaze and, as Zombie Turns Two wonder why their show is such a hit on this particular night, Kainya leaps from the tether into the ship and races to the flight deck where she uploads the trackercom co-ordinates for The Saturn Anne II on the other side of the universe before anyone can stop her. By the time Edwear, Scint and Mentor reach the flight deck the lasers are already firing up and there is only time to do as she is doing, pull on a space suit and strap in to a seat as the wormhole envelope forms around the ship.

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