Friday, 30 June 2017

Zoology ~ Episode Seven

(All rights reserved. All characters and events are fictitious, any resemblance to reality is purely coincidental.)


Kainya stares at the space-pocked, greasy-haired Port Adjunct lounging behind his official screen in the Port Authorities Office. He snickers slightly in alarm as Kainya reaches inside her jacket. What does he think she is going to do? Pull out a tranquilator and give him both barrels? His obsequious drooling at the thought of the bribe makes it an appealing idea. Kainya pushes the thought away and pulls out a triple stack of scads. Fifteen thousand scads was all it would take to bribe this piece of work, espionage was getting cheaper by the day.
His eyes light up and he relaxes slightly, 'In exactly ten minutes Alimentorum will own the port anyway, what's the hurry? You and I could have some fun while we wait and it won't cost you as much...' The Adjunct runs his eye appraisingly over Kainya's body. Kainya ignores his repulsive offer. 'Which dock is the ark Saturn Anne II on and how long can you quarantine it for?'
'Well, if you mean SATAN, she's already leaving. The pilot decided to scarper early before the takeover. Better run if I were you.' The adjunct laughs and manages to grab a double stack of scads before Kainya slams her hand back over them. He already knew the ship was leaving early, no doubt in the pay of the pilot to turn a blind eye, damn! Not even Newtrishia Head Office knew of the Pilot's plan. Kainya pockets the rest of the scads and, entirely annoyed by the whole encounter with the Port Adjunct, turns to leave then thinks better of it. She reaches back inside her jacket and pulls out a modified tranquilator and aims it at the Adjunct.
'Hey, wait a minute...'
The blast from both barrels lights up the small office for an instant and Kainya smiles and sweeps the rest of the scads from the counter where they fall. A thin haze of oily vapour hangs in the air, all that's left of the Port Adjunct.

Kainya sprints from the office towards the last bay where the ship is meant to be docked but she can see she is already too late. As she runs, she barges into a techanoid, knocking it over and setting off its alarm. This was going from bad to worse. Soon Port Control would be arriving to see what was going on. She rummages through her pockets for a limpet tracking device and manages to find a couple. Just as she arrives at the last docking bay Satan's lasers fire and the wormhole envelope starts to form. The dockside pressure curtains fall and Kainya, trapped behind them, in one desperate throw, lobs the two limpets at the ship. For a moment the ship seems to hang on the edge of space then it lurches forwards and is gone and Kainya will have no way of knowing if the limpets reached the hull until the Saturn Anne II arrives on the the other side of the universe.

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